On July 29, 1985.

Nick Mason - Profiles

On July 29, 1985, “Harvest” label released “Profiles”, collaborative Nick Mason and Rick Fenn studio album. It was recorded in 1985, and was produced by Rick Fenn and Nick Mason.


  • Nick Mason— drums, keyboards, percussion
  • Rick Fenn— guitars, keyboards
  • Mel Collins— saxophone
  • David Gilmour — vocals
  • Maggie Reilly— vocals
  • Danny Peyronel— vocals
  • Craig Pruess— emulator bass
  • Aja Fenn — keyboard

Track listing:

  1. Malta – Rick Fenn, Nick Mason
  2. Lie for a Lie – Rick Fenn, Nick Mason, Danny Peyronel
  3. Rhoda – Rick Fenn, Nick Mason
  4. Profiles Part 1/Profiles Part 2 – Rick Fenn, Nick Mason
  5. Israel – Rick Fenn, Danny Peyronel
  6. And the Address – Rick Fenn, Nick Mason
  7. Mumbo Jumbo – Rick Fenn, Nick Mason
  8. Zip Code – Rick Fenn, Nick Mason
  9. Black Ice – Rick Fenn, Nick Mason
  10. At the End of the Day – Rick Fenn, Nick Mason
  11. Profiles Part 3 – Rick Fenn, Nick Mason

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