On July 28, 1986.


On July 28, 1986, “I.R.S.” label released “Lifes Rich Pageant”, the fourth R.E.M. studio album. It was recorded April – May 1986, at “Belmont Mall Studios” in Belmont, Indiana, and was produced by Don Gehman.


  • Michael Stipe– lead and backing vocals
  • Peter Buck– guitar, banjo
  • Mike Mills– lead and backing vocals, bass guitar, piano, pump organ
  • Bill Berry– drums, backing vocals
  • Jim Dineen– engineer
  • Rick Fetig– engineer
  • Ross Hogarth– engineer
  • Stan Katayama– engineer
  • Gregg Edward– mixing
  • Don Gehman- mixing
  • Bob Ludwig– mastering
  • Slay – illustrations
  • Bird – illustrations
  • Juanita Rogers– back cover painting
  • Sandra Lee Phipps – photography
  • O. Scarelli– packaging

Track listing:

All tracks by Bill Berry, Peter Buck, Mike Mills and Michael Stipe, except where noted. .

Side one – “Dinner side”

  1. Begin the Begin
  2. These Days
  3. Fall on Me
  4. Cuyahoga
  5. Hyena
  6. Underneath the Bunker

Side two – “Supper side”

  1. The Flowers of Guatemala
  2. I Believe
  3. What If We Give It Away?
  4. Just a Touch
  5. Swan Swan H
  6. Superman – Mitchell Bottler, Gary Zekley

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