On June 23, 1975.


On June 23, 1975, “Columbia” label released “Stills”, the third Stephen Stills album. studio album by Stephen Stills. It was recorded in 1975, and was produced by Stephen Stills and Bill Halverson.


  • Stephen Stills – lead vocals, lead and rhythm guitar, bass, piano, clavinet, organ, electric piano, tambourine
  • Marcy Levy- vocals
  • Danny Hutton – vocals
  • Peggy Clinger – vocals
  • Rick Roberts- vocals
  • David Crosby- vocals
  • Graham Nash- vocals
  • Betty Wright- vocals
  • Claudia Lennear- vocals
  • Donnie Dacus- vocals, rhythm guitar and lead guitar
  • George Terry – vocals, guitar
  • Jerry Aeillo – organ, piano
  • Leland Sklar- bass
  • Kenny Passarelli – vocals, bass
  • Ringo Starr- drums
  • Tubby (Ron) Ziegler – drums
  • Dallas Taylor- drums
  • Russ Kunkel- drums
  • Conrad Isidore – drums
  • Jimmy Fox – drums
  • Joe Lala- percussion, conga

Track listing:

All tracks by Stephen Stills, except where noted.

  1. Turn Back the Pages – Donnie Dacus, Stephen Stills
  2. My Favorite Changes
  3. My Angel – Stephen Stills, Dallas Taylor
  4. In the Way
  5. Love Story
  6. To Mama from Christopher and the Old Man
  7. First Things First – Joe Schermie, Jon Smith, Stephen Stills
  8. New Mama – Neil Young
  9. As I Come of Age
  10. Shuffle Just as Bad
  11. Cold Cold World – Donnie Dacus, Stephen Stills
  12. Myth of Sisyphus – Kenny Passarelli, Stephen Stills

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