On June 13, 1965.


On June 13, 1965, “Epic” label released “For Your Love”, the second Yardbirds album. It was recorded March 1964 – April 1965 and was produced by Giorgio Gomelsky and Manfred Mann. “For Your Love” features US-only tracks and previously released singles compiled by Giorgio Gomelsky.


  • Keith Relf– lead vocals, harmonica
  • Eric Clapton– lead guitar
  • Jeff Beck– lead guitar
  • Chris Dreja– rhythm guitar
  • Paul Samwell-Smith– vocals, bass
  • Jim McCarty– vocals, drums
  • Giorgio Gomelsky– backing vocal
  • Brian Auger– harpsichord
  • Denny Pierce – bongos
  • Mike Hugg– vibes
  • Tom McGuinness– guitar
  • Mike Vickers– guitar
  • Ron Prentice – bowed bass
  • Manfred Mann– keyboard, backing vocals
  • Paul Jones– backing vocals

Track listing:

  1. For Your Love – Graham Gouldman
  2. I’m Not Talking – Mose Allison
  3. Putty (In Your Hands) – John Patton, Kay Rogers
  4. I Ain’t Got You – Calvin Carter
  5. Got to Hurry – Giorgio Gomelsky
  6. I Ain’t Done Wrong – Keith Ralf
  7. I Wish I Would – Billy Boy Arnold
  8. A Certain Girl – Allen Toussaint
  9. Sweet Music – Walter Bowie, Otis Leavill Cobb, Major Lance
  10. Good Morning Little Schoolgirl – H.G. Demarais
  11. My Girl Sloopy – Wes Farrell, Bert Russell


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