On June 8, 1992.


On June 8, 1992, “Slash Records” label released “Angel Dust”, the fourth Faith No More studio album. It was recorded January – March 1992, at “Coast Recorders” and “Brilliant Studios” in San Francisco, and was produced by Mike Patton, Jim Martin, Roddy Bottum, Billy Gould, Mike Bordin and Fatt Wallace. The album became the best selling Faith No More album outside the United States, reaching Platinum certificate in Europe and Gold in Australia.


  • Mike Patton– vocals, melodica
  • Jim Martin– guitars
  • Roddy Bottum– keyboards
  • Billy Gould– bass
  • Mike Bordin– drums
  • Matt Wallace–engineer, mixing
  • David Bryson – co-mixing
  • Adam Munoz, Craig Doubet, Gibbs Chapman, Lindsay Valentine, Nikki Tafrallin– assistant engineering
  • John Golden – mastering
  • Kim Champagne– artwork direction
  • Ross Halfin– band photo
  • Wernher Krutein– bird photo, Red Square photo adaptation
  • Mark Burnstein– meat photo

Track listing:

  1. Land of Sunshine – Mike Patton
  2. Caffeine – Bob Gould, Mike Patton
  3. Midlife Crisis – Roddy Bottum, Mike Bordin, Bob Gould, Mike Patton
  4. RV – Roddy Bottum, Mike Patton, Bob Gould
  5. Smaller and Smaller – Bob Gould, Mike Patton, Roddy Bottum, Mike Bordin, Matt Wallace
  6. Everything’s Ruined – Mike Patton, Bob Gould, Roddy Bottum
  7. Malpractice – Mike Patton
  8. Kindergarten – Mike Patton, Bob Gould, Jim Martin
  9. Be Aggressive – Roddy Bottum
  10. A Small Victory – Mike Patton, Bob Gould, Roddy Bottum, Mike Bordin
  11. Crack Hitler – Mike Patton, Bob Gould, Roddy Bottum, Mike Bordin
  12. Jizzlobber – Jim Martin, Mike Patton
  13. Midnight Cowboy – John Barry


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