On May 25, 2009.


On May 25, 2009, “Astralwerks” label released “Préliminaires”, the fifteenth Iggy Pop  studio album. It was recorded in 2009 in Miami, Florida and Woodstock, New York, and was produced by Hal Cragin. The album was inspired by Michel Houellebecq’s novel “La Possibilité d’une île” (The Possibility of an Island).


  • Iggy Pop – vocals, guitar,  concept
  • Jon Cowherd– piano
  • Lucie Aimé – vocals
  • Hal Cragin – bass, guitar, percussion, keyboards, drum programming
  • Kevin Hupp – drums, congas
  • Tim Ouimette – trumpet
  • Marc Phaneuf- clarinet
  • Clarence L. Banks – trombone

Track listing:

  1. Les feuilles mortes – music by Joseph Kosma, lyrics by Jacques Prévert
  2. I Want to Go to the Beach – Iggy Pop
  3. King of The Dogs – Lil Armstrong, Iggy Pop
  4. Je sais que tu sais – Lucie Aimé, Hal Cragin, Iggy Pop
  5. Spanish Coast – Hal Cragin, Iggy Pop
  6. Nice to Be Dead – Hal Cragin, Iggy Pop
  7. How Insensitive – Vinicius De Moraes, Ray Gilbert, Antônio Carlos Jobim
  8. Party Time – Hal Cragin, Iggy Pop
  9. He’s Dead / She’s Alive- Iggy Pop
  10. A Machine for Loving – Hal Cragin, Michel Houellebecq, Iggy Pop; English translation by Gavin Bowd
  11. She’s a Business – Hal Cragin, Iggy Pop
  12. Les feuilles mortes (Marc’s Theme) – music by Joseph Kosma; lyrics by Jacques Prévert

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