On March 29, 1979.


On March 29, 1979, “A&M” label released “Breakfast in America”, the sixth Supertramp album. It was recorded in 1978, at “The Village Recorder” in Los Angeles, and was produced by Peter Henderson, Rick Davies, John Heliwell, Roger Hodgson, Dougie Thomson and  Bob Sienberberg. In 1980, the album won two “Grammy Awards” and was certified quadruple platinum by “RIAA” for sale in US. In France, “Breakfast in America” is the biggest-selling English-language album of all time, and the third biggest seller overall. In 2006, “Q”   magazine ranked the album at number two on its list of “Records it’s OK to Love”,


  • Rick Davies– vocals, keyboards, harmonica
  • John Helliwell– vocals, saxophones, woodwinds
  • Roger Hodgson– vocals, guitars, keyboards
  • Dougie Thomson– bass
  • Bob Siebenberg– drums, percussion
  • Slyde Hyde– trombone, tuba
  • Peter Henderson – engineer
  • Lenise Bent, Jeff Harris – assistant engineer
  • Crystal Sound, Studio B – mixing
  • Gary Mielke – Oberheim Programming
  • Mike Doud – art concept
  • Mike Doud, Mick Haggerty – art direction
  • Mick Haggerty – design
  • Mark Hanauer – photography
  • Aaron Rapoport – cover photography

All tracks by Rick Davies and Roger Hodgson.

  1. Gone Hollywood
  2. The Logical Song
  3. Goodbye Stranger
  4. Breakfast in America
  5. Oh Darling
  6. Take the Long Way Home
  7. Lord Is it Mine?
  8. Just Another Nervous Wreck
  9. Casual Conversations
  10. Child of Vision

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