On March 29, 1988.


On March 29, 1988, “Columbia” label released “Lefty”, the seventh Art Garfunkel album. It was recorded in 1987, and was produced by Geoff Emerick, Art Garfunkel, Jay Graydon and Steve Gadd. The album title came from the fact that Garfunkel is left-handed..


  • Art Garfunkel– vocals
  • Hugh McCracken– guitar
  • Joe Osborn– bass guitar
  • Eddie Gómez– acoustic bass guitar
  • Steve Gadd– drums
  • Jeremy Steig – flute
  • Nicky Hopkins– keyboards
  • Stephen Bishop– omnichord, backing vocals
  • Michael Brecker– saxophone
  • Del Newman – strings, brass, woodwind
  • Rob Sabino– synthesizer
  • Kenny Rankin– backing vocals
  • Leah Kunkel– backing vocals
  • Mary Ann Kennedy – backing vocals
  • Pam Rose – backing vocals
  • Geoff Emerick– engineer
  • Jay Graydon– engineer
  • Stuart Breed – engineer
  • Ian Eales – engineer
  • Mick Gazauski – engineer
  • Doug Sax – mastering
  • Ron Lewter – mastering
  • Chris Austropchuk – cover design
  • Jules Garfunkel – photography
  • Caroline Greyshock – back cover photography

Track listing:

  1. This Is the Moment – David Foster, Cynthia Weil, Linda Jenner, Ray ParkerJr.
  2. I Have a Love – Stephen Sondheim, Leonard Bernstein
  3. So Much in Love – George Williams, Bill Jackson, Roy Straigis
  4. Slow Breakup – Stephen Bishop
  5. Love Is the Only Chain – Mary Ann Kennedy, Pam Rose, Pat Bunch
  6. When a Man Loves a Woman – Calvin Lewis, Andrew Wright
  7. I Wonder Why – Bill Lovelady, Marita Phillips, Peter Skellern
  8. King of Tonga – Stephen Bishop
  9. If Love Takes You Away – Stephen Bishop
  10. The Promise – Nick Holmes

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