On March 29, 1975.


On March 29, 1975, “Epic” label released “Blow by Blow”, the second Jeff Beck solo album. It was recorded October 1974, at “AIR Studios” in London, and was produced by George Martin. “Blow by Blow” was certified Platinum in the US by “RIAA”.


  • Jeff Beck – electric guitar, bass
  • Max Middleton— keyboards
  • Phil Chen— bass
  • Richard Bailey – drums, percussion
  • Stevie Wonder— clavinet
  • George Martin— arrangements
  • Denim Bridges, Steven Saper —engineer
  • Vic Anesini —mastering

Track listing:

  1. You Know What I Mean – Jeff Beck, Max Middleton
  2. She’s a Woman – John Lennon, Paul McCartney
  3. Constipated Duck – Jeff Beck
  4. Air Blower – Jeff Beck, Max Middleton,Phil Chen, Richard Bailey
  5. Scatterbrain – Jeff Beck, Max Middleton
  6. Cause We’ve Ended as Lovers – Stevie Wonder
  7. Thelonius – Stevie Wonder
  8. Freeway Jam – Max Middleton
  9. Diamond Dust = Bernie Holland


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