On March 28, 1980.

10cc - Are You Normal

On March 28, 1980, “Mercury” label released “Look Hear?”, the seventh 10 cc studio album. It was recorded in 1979, and was produced by Eric Stewart, Graham Gouldman, Rick Fenn, Duncan Mackay and Paul Burgess..


  • Eric Stewart— lead vocals, electric piano, vocoder, electric and slide lead guitar, marraca, percussion
  • Graham Gouldman— lead vocals, bass, guitars, congas
  • Rick Fenn— vocals, guitars
  • Duncan Mackay— Yamaha CS80, organ, clavinet duo, harpsichord, vocoder, tubular bells, electric piano
  • Paul Burgess— drums, percussion, marimba, timpani
  • Stuart Tosh— backing vocals, percussion, timpani

Track listing:

  1. One-Two-Five – Graham Gouldman, Eric Stewart
  2. Welcome to the World – Rick Fenn, Duncan Mackay
  3. How’m I Ever Gonna Say Goodbye – Rick Fenn, Graham Gouldman
  4. Don’t Send We Back – Rick Fenn
  5. I Took You Home – Eric Stewart
  6. It Doesn’t Matter at All – Graham Gouldman, Eric Stewart
  7. Dressed To Kill – Graham Gouldman, Eric Stewart
  8. Lovers Anonymous – Graham Gouldman, Eric Stewart
  9. I Hate To Eat Alone – Graham Gouldman
  10. Strange Lover – Graham Gouldman, Eric Stewart
  11. A. Inflatable – Graham Gouldman, Eric Stewart


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