On March 25, 1974.


On March 25, 1974, “Columbia” label released “Open Our Eyes” the fifth Earth, Wind & Fire, studio album. It was recorded August 1973, at “Caribou Ranch” in Nederland, Colorado, and was produced by Maurice White, Joe Wissert and Charles Stepney. “Open Our Eyes” was certified Platinum in the US by the “RIAA.


  • Maurice White – vocals, drums, kalimba
  • Al McKay – vocals, guitar, percussion
  • Johnny Graham – guitar, percussion
  • Larry Dunn – piano, organ, synthesizer
  • Andrew Woolfolk – soprano saxophone, flute
  • Verdine White – vocals, bass, percussion
  • Ralph Johnson – drums, percussion
  • Philip Bailey – vocals, congas, percussion

Track listing:

  • Mighty, Mighty – Maurice White, Verdine White
  • Devotion – Maurice White, Philip Bailey
  • Fair But So Uncool – Rick Giles, Charles Stepney
  • Feelin’ Blue – Kenny Altman
  • Kalimba Story – Maurice White, Verdine White
  • Drum Song – Maurice White
  • Tee Nine Chee Bit – Maurice White, Charles Stepney, Philip Bailey
  • Spasmodic Movements – Eddie Harris
  • Caribou – Charles Stepney, Rick Giles
  • Open Our Eyse – Leon Lumkins

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