On March 23, 1993.


On March 23, 1993, “Warner Bros” label released “For the Beauty of Wynona”, the second Daniel Lanois album. It was recorded 1991-1993 at “Real World Bath”, “TakLab” in Paris, “Dog Town” in Dublin, “Grant Avenue Studio” in Canada and “Kingsway” in New Orleans, and was produced by Daniel Lanois.


  • Daniel Lanois– guitar, bass, vocals
  • Malcolm Burn– guitar, keyboards
  • Bill Dillon – guitar, mandolin, Guitarorgan M300
  • Daryl Johnson– bass, percussion, drums, vocals
  • Ronald Jones– drums
  • Nicholas Payton– trumpet
  • Emanual de Casal – bass
  • Sean Devitt – percussion
  • Jan Saudek – photography

Track listing:

All tracks by Daniel Lanois, except where noted.

  1. The Messenger
  2. Brother L.A.
  3. Still Learning How To Crawl – Daniel Lanois, Daryl Johnson
  4. Beatrice
  5. Waiting
  6. The Collection Of Marie Claire
  7. Death Of A Train
  8. The Unbreakable Chain
  9. Lotta Love To Give
  10. Indian Red – George Landry
  11. Sleeping In The Devil’s Bed
  12. For the Beauty of Wynona
  13. Rocky World

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