On March 6, 2006.

Pay the Devil

On March 6, 2006, “Lost Highway” label released “Pay the Devil”, the thirty-second Van Morrison studio album. It was recorded in 2005, and was produced by Van Morrison. The album features twelve cover versions of American country and western songs and three original compositions.


  • Van Morrison- acoustic guitar, vocals
  • Crawford Bell – vocals
  • Trionagh Moore- vocals
  • Olwin Bell – vocals
  • Paul Godden – guitar, steel guitar
  • Mick Green- guitar
  • Karen Hamill – vocals
  • Bobby Irwin – drums
  • Ian Jennings – double bass
  • Bob Loveday – violin
  • Leon McCrum – vocals
  • Paul Riley- acoustic bass
  • Johnny Scott – guitar, vocals
  • Nicky Scott – electric bass
  • Fiachra Trench- vocals, string arrangements
  • Geraint Watkins- piano
  • Aine Whelan – vocals
  • Gavyn Wright- string section leader

Track listing:

  1. There Stands the Glass – Alize Gresham, Russ Hull, Mary Jane , Shurtz
  2. Half as Much – Curly Williams
  3. Things Have Gone to Pieces – Leon Payne
  4. Big Blue Diamonds – Earl J. Carson
  5. Playhouse – Van Morrison
  6. Your Cheatin’ Heart – Hank Williams
  7. Don’t You Make Me High – Daniel Barker, Ken Harris
  8. My Bucket’s Got a Hole in It – Clarence Williams
  9. Back Street Affair – Billy Wallace
  10. Pay the Devil – Van Morrison
  11. What Am I Living For? – Art Harris, Fred Jay
  12. This Has Got to Stop – Van Morrison
  13. Once a Day – Bill Anderson
  14. More and More – Merle Kilgore, Webb Pierce
  15. Til I Gain Control Again – Rodney Crowell




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