On February 9, 1991.

Fellow Hoodlums

On February 9, 1991, “Columbia” label released “Fellow Hoodlums”, the third Deacon Blue studio album. It was recorded from July1989  to May 1990, and was produced by Jon Kelly.


  • Ricky Ross– vocals, guitar, piano, keyboard
  • Graeme Kelling– guitar
  • Lorraine McIntosh– vocal
  • James Prime– keyboard
  • Ewen Vernal– bass
  • Dougie Vipond– drums

Track listing:

All tracks by Ricky Ross, except where noted.

  1. James Joyce Soles
  2. Fellow Hoodlums
  3. Your Swaying Arms
  4. Cover from the Sky
  5. The Day that Jackie Jumped the Jail
  6. The Wildness – Ricky Ross, JamesPrime
  7. A Brighter Star than You Will Shine – Ricky Ross, James Prime
  8. Twist and Shout
  9. Closing Time
  10. Goodnight Jamsie – Ricky Ross, James Prime
  11. I Will See You Tomorrow – Ricky Ross, James Prime
  12. One Day I’ll Go Walking – Ricky Ross, Lorraine McIntosh

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