On January 29, 1991.


On January 29, 1991, “Epic” label released “Uncle Anesthesia”, the fifth Screaming Trees album. It was recorded in June 1990, and was produced by Mark Lanegan, Gary Lee Corner, Van Corner, Terry Date and Chris Cornell.


  • Mark Lanegan- vocals
  • Gary Lee Conner- guitar, backing vocals
  • Van Conner- bass, backing vocals
  • Mark Pickerel- percussion, drums
  • Chris Cornell- recorder, backing vocals
  • Terry Date – backing vocals
  • Scott Miller – backing vocals
  • Terry Pickerel – percussion
  • Jeff McGraph – trumpet
  • David Coleman – art direction
  • Karen Mason – photography
  • Mark Ryden- artwork

Track listing:

All tracks by Mark Lanegan, Gary Lee Conner and Van Conner.

  1. Beyond This Horizon
  2. Bed of Roses
  3. Uncle Anesthesia
  4. Story of Her Fate
  5. Caught Between
  6. Lay Your Head Down
  7. Before We Arise
  8. Something About Today
  9. Alice Said
  10. Time for Light
  11. Dissappearing
  12. Ocean of Confusion
  13. Closer




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