On December 13, 1977.


On December 13, 1977, “Asylum” released “Don Juan’s Reckless Daughter”, the ninth Joni Mitchell studio album.  It was recorded in 1977, at the “A&M Studios” in Hollywood; orchestra recorded at “Columbia Studio C” in New York; additional recording at “Basing Street Studio” in London, and was produced by Joni Mitchell.


  • Joni Mitchell– lead and backing vocals, piano
  • Alejandro Acuña– congas,cowbell, shakers, ankle bells, backing vocals
  • AirtoMoreira – surdo
  • Don Alias– bongos, congos, clave, snaredrum, sandpaper blocks, shaker, backing v ocals
  • Manolo Badrena– lead vocals, congas, coffee cans, congas
  • El Bwyd – the split-tongued spirit
  • Larry Carlton– electric guitar
  • Michel Colombier– piano
  • Wayne Shorter– soprano saxophone
  • Jaco Pastorius– bass, bongos, cowbells
  • John Guerin– drums
  • Glenn Frey– backing vocals
  • Chaka Khan– backing vocals
  • D. Souther– backing vocals
  • Michael Gibbs– orchestral arrangements, conductor
  • Bobbye Hall– credited in spirit

Track listing:

All tracks by Joni Mitchell, except where noted.

  1. Overture – Cotton Avenue
  2. Talk to Me
  3. Jericho
  4. Paprika Plains
  5. Otis and Marlena
  6. The Tenth World – Joni Mitchell, Don Alias, Manolo Badrena, Alex Acuña, Airto Moreira, Jaco Pastorius
  7. Dreamland
  8. Don Juan’s Reckless Daughter
  9. Off Night Backstreet
  10. The Silky Veils of Ardor

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