On October 12, 1979.


On October 12, 1979, “Warner Bros” label released “Tusk”, the twelve Fleetwood Mac album.  It was recorded at the “The Village Recorder”, in Los Angeles, and was produced by Lindsey Buckingham, Stevie Nicks, Christine McVie, John McVie, Mick Fleetwood, Richard Dashut and Ken Caillat. The recording process costs were over $1 million, making “Tusk” the most expensive rock album made up to that point. In 2013, “NME” magazine ranked “Tusk” at number 445 in their list of “The 500 Greatest Albums of All Time”.


  • Lindsey Buckingham– vocals, guitars, bass guitar, drums, percussion
  • Stevie Nicks– vocals
  • Christine McVie– vocals, keyboards
  • John McVie– bass guitar
  • Mick Fleetwood– drums, percussion
  • USC Trojan Marching Band– percussion, horns

Track listing:

  1. Over & Over – Christine McVie
  2. The Ledge – Lindsey Buckingham
  3. Think About Me – Christine McVie
  4. Save Me a Piece – Lindsey Buckingham
  5. Sara – Stevie Nicks
  6. What Makes You Think You’re the One – Lindsey Buckingham
  7. Storms – Stevie Nicks
  8. That’s All for Everyone – Lindsey Buckingham
  9. Not That Funny – Lindsey Buckingham
  10. Sisters of the Moon – Stevie Nicks
  11. Angel – Stevie Nicks
  12. That’s Enough for Me – Lindsey Buckingham
  13. Brown Eyes – Christine McVie
  14. Never Make Me Cry – Christine McVie
  15. I Know I’m Not Wrong – Lindsey Buckingham
  16. Honey Hi – Christine McVie
  17. Beautiful Child – Stevie Nicks
  18. Walk a Thin Line – Lindsey Buckingham
  19. Tusk – Lindsey Buckingham
  20. Never Forget – Lindsey Buckingham, Stevie Nicks, Christine McVie, John McVie, Mick Fleetwood

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