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On May 14, 2014.

On May 14, 2009, maudlin of the Well’s independently released “Part the Second”, bands fourth album. It was recorded 2008 -2009, and was produced by Toby Driver. The album was funded by fans donations from fans, and released for free on the internet in three formats.


  • Toby Driver– vocals, guitar, baritone guitar, bass guitar
  • Sam Gutterman – bass guitar, drums, percussion
  • Terran Olson – flute, alto and baritone saxophone, piano, organ, synths
  • Greg Massi – guitar
  • Josh Seipp-Williams – guitar
  • Mia Matsumiya– violin
  • David Bodie – orchestral percussion, hand claps
  • Madeleine Craw – cello
  • Jim Fogarty – “hammond elbow”

Track listing:

  1. An Excerpt from 6,000,000,000,000 Miles Before the First, or, the Revisitation of the Blue Ghost
  2. Another Excerpt: Keep Light Near You, Even When Dying
  3. Rose Quartz Turning to Glass
  4. Clover Garland Island
  5. Laboratories of the Invisible World (Rollerskating the Cosmic Palmistric Postborder)