The Black Keys: Dropout Boogie

On May 13, 2022, “Easy Eye Sound” and “Nonesuch” labels released “Dropout Boogie”, the eleventh Black Keys (The) studio album. It was recorded June – October 2012, at “Easy Eye Sound” in Nashville, and was produced by Dan Auerbach and Patrick Carney.


  • Dan Auerbach – vocals, bass, guitar, synthesizer, Hammond organ
  • Patrick Carney – bass, guitar, synthesizer, drums, percussion
  • Andy Gabbard – Wurlitzer, piano, guitar, backing vocals
  • Ray Jacildo – Hammond organ, harpsichord, piano
  • Billy F Gibbons – featured guitar
  • Sam Bacco – percussion
  • Sierra Ferrell – backing vocals
  • Caleb VanBuskirk – engineer
  • M. Allen Parker – engineer
  • Jonny Ullman – engineer assistant
  • McKinley James – engineer assistant
  • Tyler Zwiep – engineer assistant
  • Tchad Blake – mixing, editing
  • Tom Elmhirst – mixing, editing
  • Greg Calbi – mastering
  • Steve Fallone – mastering
  • Perry Shall – design, layout
  • Jim Herrington – photography

Track listing:

  1. Wild Child – Dan Auerbach, Patrick Carney, Angelo Petraglia, Greg Catwright
  2. It Ain’t Over – Dan Auerbach, Patrick Carney, Greg Catwright
  3. For the Love of Money – Dan Auerbach, Patrick Carney, Angelo Petraglia
  4. Your Team is Looking Good – Dan Auerbach, Patrick Carney
  5. Good Love – Dan Auerbach, Patrick carney, Billy Gibbons
  6. How Long – Dan Auerbach, Patrick Carney
  7. Burn the Damn Thing Down – Dan Auerbach, Patrick Carney
  8. Happiness – Dan Auerbach, Patrick Carney
  9. Baby I’m Coming Home – Dan Auerbach, Patrick Carney, Greg Catwright
  10. Didn’t I Love You – Dan Auerbach, Patrick Carney

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