Alphaville: The Breathtaking Blue

On April 4, 1989, “Warner Music” label released “The Breathtaking Blue”, the third Alphaville studio album. It was recorded 1987 – 1988, at “Lunapark Studios” in Berlin, Germany, and was produced by Klaus Schulze, Marian Gold, Frank Martens, Bernhard Lloyd and Ricky Echolette. 


  • Marian Gold – vocal
  • Frank Martens – vocal
  • Bernhard Lloyd – vocal, keyboards, guitar
  • Ricky Echolette – keyboards, guitar
  • Blacky Schwarz Ruszczynski, Micael Ryan, Eff Jott Krueger, Manuel Goettsching – guitar
  • Kenneth Ward – crescendo guitar
  • Ernst Deuker – double bass
  • Hansi Behrendt – drums, percussion
  • Thomas Keller, Friedemann Graef – saxophones
  • Michael Junker – trumpet
  • Julie Ocean – vocoder
  • Miriam Stockley, Mae McKenna, Patti Calore, The Lunapark Office Choir, Gabi Becker – backing vocals
  • Rainer Bloss – string and brass arrangements 
  • Klaus Schulze – string arrangements

Track listing:

All tracks by Marian Gold, Bernhard Lloyd and Ricky Echolette except where noted.

  • Summer Rain
  • Romeos
  • She Fade Away
  • The Mysteries of Love
  • Ariana
  • Heaven or Hell
  • For a Million – lyrics by Marian Gold, Janey Diamond, Bernhard Lloyd, Ricky Echolette
  • Middle of the Riddle
  • Patricia’s Park
  • Anyway

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