Skinny Puppy: Remission

In December 1984, “Nettwerk” label released “Remission”, the debut Skinny Puppy EP. It was recorded in 1984, at “Mushroom Studios” in Vancouver, Canada, and was produced by cEvin Key and Dave Ogilvie.


  • Nivek Ogre – vocals, keyboards, synthesizer, percussion, spooky horn
  • cEvin Key – vocals, synthesizer, drums, percussion, tapes, treatments
  • Dave Ogilvie – engineer
  • Wilhelm Schroeder (Bill Leeb) – bass synth
  • D. Plevin – fretless bass 
  • Steven R. Gilmore – cover art
  • Greg Sykes – typography

Track listing:

  1. Smothered Hope
  2. Glass Houses
  3. Far Too Frail
  4. Solvent
  5. Sleeping Beast
  6. Brap…

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