Jerry Garcia: Garcia

On November 20, 1972, “Warner Bros” label released “Garcia”, the debur Jerry Garcia album. It was recorded in July 1971, and was produced by Bill Kreutzmann, Bob Matthews and Betty Cantor.


  • Jerry Garcia – acoustic guitar, electric guitar, pedal steel guitar, bass, piano, organ, samples, vocals, mixing
  • Bill Kreutzmann – drums
  • Bob Matthews – engineer, mixing
  • Betty Cantor – engineer, mixing
  • Ramrod – engineer, mixing, production assistant
  • Bob Seidemann – design, cover photography
  • Herb Greene – Jerry Garcia photography

Track listing:

  1. Deal – Robert Hunter, Jerry Garcia
  2. Bird Song – Robert Hunter, Jerry Garcia
  3. Sugaree – Robert Hunter, Jerry Garcia
  4. Loser – Robert Hunter, Jerry Garcia
  5. Late for Supper – Jerry Garcia, Bill Kreutzmann
  6. Spidergawd – Jerry Garcia, Bill Kreutzmann
  7. Eep Hour – Jerry Garcia, Bill Kreutzmann
  8. To Lay Me Down – Robert Hunter, Jerry Garcia
  9. An Odd Little Place – Jerry Garcia, Bill Kreutzmann
  10. The Wheel – Robert Hunter, Jerry Garcia, Bill Kreutzmann

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