On November 20, 2009, “Artist Station Records” label released “Visionary”, the seventeenth Eloy studio album. It was recorded in 2009, at “Horus Sound Studio” in Hannover , Germany, and “Hitman Productions”, and was produced by Frank Bornemann.


  • Frank Bornemann – lead and backing vocals, acoustic and electric guitars, arranger, mixing
  • Michael Gerlach – keyboards
  • Hannes Folberth – additional keyboards
  • Klaus-Peter Matziol – bass
  • Bodo Schopf – drums, percussion
  • Anke Renner – vocals
  • Tina Lux – vocals
  • Volker Kuinke – renaissance flute
  • Christoph Littmann – keyboards, orchestra sounds
  • Stephan Emig – additional percussion
  • Michael Krzizek – recording, mastering
  • Ame Neurandm – recording, mixing assistant
  • Benjamin Schafer – recording, mixing assistant
  • Bodo Schopf, Emanuel Klempa, Michael Gerlach – recording
  • Timo Soist – engineer, mixing assistant
  • Michael Narten – artwork, design

Track listing:

All tracks by Frank Bornemann.

  1. The Refuge
  2. The Secret
  3. Age of Insanity
  4. The Challenge (Time to Turn, Part 2)
  5. Summernight Symphony
  6. Mystery (The Secret, Part 2)
  7. Thoughts

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