The Darling Buds: Pop Said…

In February 1989, “Epic” label released “Pop Said…”, the debut Darling Buds (The) album. It was recorded 1987 – 1988, at “The Greenhouse” in London, and was produced by Pat Collier.


  • Andrea Lewis – vocals
  • Geriant “Harley” Farr – guitar
  • Chris McDonogh – bass
  • Richard Gray “Bloss”- drums
  • The Designers Republic – artwork, design
  • Paul Rider – photography

Track listing:

All tracks by Harley Farr and Andrea Lewis

  1. Hit the Ground
  2. Burst
  3. Uptight
  4. The Other Night
  5. Big Head
  6. Let’s Go Round There
  7. She’s Not Crying
  8. Shame on You
  9. You’ve Got to Choose
  10. Spin
  11. When It Feels Good
  12. Things We Do for Love

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