Franz Ferdinand: Always Ascending

On February 9, 2018, “Domino Recording Company” label released “Always Ascending”, the fifth Franz Ferdinand studio album. It was recorded in 2017 at “Motorbass” in Paris, “RAK” in London, and was produced by Philippe Zdar.


  • Alex Kapranos – lead vocals, lead guitar, keyboards, design
  • Dino Bardot – rhythm guitar, backing vocals, design
  • Julian Corrie – keyboards, lead guitar, backing vocals, design
  • Bob Hardy – bass guitar, design
  • Paul Thomson – drums, percussion, backing vocals, design
  • Terry Edwards – saxophone
  • Mike Horner – additional production
  • Pierre Juarez – additional production
  • Sam Potter – extra contribution 
  • Antoine Poyeton – engineer assistant
  • Will Purton – engineer assistant
  • Philippe Zdar – mixing
  • Mike Marsh – mastering
  • Melissa Appleton – Infinity Mirror construction
  • Edwin Burdis – coordination
  • Matthew Cooper – design
  • Alexis Anne Mackenzie – cover art, band collages
  • Sylvan Deleu – photography
  • David Edwards – band collage photos

Track listing:

All tracks by Julian Corrie, Bob Hardy, Alex Kapranos, Dino Bardot and Paul Thomson.

  1. Always Ascending
  2. Lazy Boy
  3. Paper Cages
  4. Finally
  5. The Academy Award
  6. Lois Lane
  7. Huck and Jim
  8. Glimpse of Love
  9. Feel the Love Go
  10. Slow Don’t Kill Me Slow

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