Fairport Convention: Festival Bell

In January 2011, “Matty Grooves” label released “Festival Bell”, the twenty-fifth Fairport Convention studio album. It was recorded in 2010, at “The Bowman’s retreat” in Oxfordshire, UK, and was produced by John Gale,


  • Simon Nicol – vocals, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, bass ukulele
  • Dave Pegg – vocals, bass guitar, ukulele, mandolin, acoustic guitar
  • Chris Leslie – vocals, mandolin, bouzuki, violin, Portuguese guitar, ukulele, whistle
  • Ric Sanders – violin, ukulele, keyboards, bass ukulele, backing vocals
  • Gerry Conway – drums, percussion
  • Frank Skinner – banjo ukulele
  • Joe Brown – ukulele, backing vocals

Track listing:

  1. Mercy Bay – Chris Leslie
  2. Rui’s Guitar – Chris Leslie
  3. Danny Jack’s Chase – Ric Sanders
  4. Reunion Hill – Richard Shindell
  5. Wouldn’t Say No – Chris Leslie
  6. Around the Wild Cape Horn – Ralph McTell
  7. Celtic Moon – Mark Evans, Carolyn Evans
  8. Ukulele Central – Chris Leslie, Ric Sanders
  9. Albert and Ted – Ric Sanders, Dave Pegg
  10. Darkside Wood – Chris While
  11. London Apprentice / Johnny Ginears – Ralph McTell, Ric Sanders
  12. Rising for the Moon – Sandy Denny
  13. Danny Jack’s Reward – Ric Sanders
  14. The Festival Bell – Chris Leslie

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