Belly: Star

On January 25, 1993, “Reprise” and “Sire” labels released “Star”, the debut Belly studio album. It was recorded in 1992, at “Sound Emporium Studios” in Nashville, Tennessee, “Amazon Studios” in Liverpool, and was produced by Tracy Chisolm, Gil Norton, Tanya Donelly, Fred Abong, Chris Gorman and Thomas Gorman.


  • Tanya Donelly – vocals, guitar
  • Fred Abong – bass
  • Chris Gorman – drums, percussion
  • Thomas Gorman – guitar, organ
  • Chick Graining – guitar, slide guitar, vocals
  • Tracy Chisholm – engineer
  • Chris Bigg – design
  • Chris Gorman – photography

Track listing:

All tracks by Tanya Donelly, except where noted.

  1. Someone to Die For
  2. Angel
  3. Dusted
  4. Every Word
  5. Gepetto
  6. Witch
  7. Slow Dog
  8. Low Red Moon
  9. Feed the Tree
  10. Full Moon, Empty Heart
  11. White Belly – Tanya Donelly, Fred Abong
  12. Untogether
  13. Star
  14. Sad Dress
  15. Stay

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