Eric Johnson: Venus Isle

On September 3, 1996, “Capitol” label released “Venus Isle”, the third Eric Johnson studio album. It was recorded in 1996, at “Saucer One Studio” and “Arlyn Studios” in Austin, Texas, “A&M Studios” in Hollywood, “Digital Services Recording”, “Rocket Ranch Studios” in Houston, “Reelsound Recording Company” in Buda, Texas, and was produced by Eric Johnson and Richard Mullen.


  • Eric Johnson – lead vocals, guitar, guitar synthesizer, synthesizer, piano, electric sitar, arrangements, engineer
  • Amit Chatterjee – vocals
  • Christopher Cross – vocals
  • Jimmie Vaughan – additional guitar
  • Steve Barber – synthesizer, Hammond B3, arrangements
  • Kyle Brock – bass, arrangements
  • Roscoe Beck – bass, engineering
  • Chris Maresh – bass
  • Tommy Taylor – drums, percussion, arrangements
  • Bill Maddox – drums, engineer
  • James Fenner – percussion
  • Chris Searles – percussion
  • Richard Kilmer – strings
  • Bruce Williams – strings
  • Jennifer Bourianoff – strings
  • Anthony Stogner – strings
  • Scott McIntosh – trumpet

Track listing:

All tracks by Eric Johnson, except where noted.

  1. Venus Isle
  2. Battle We Have Won
  3. All About You
  4. S.R.V.
  5. Lonely in the Night – Vince Mariani
  6. Manhattan
  7. Camel’s Night Out – Kyle Brock, Mark Younger-Smith
  8. Song for Lynette
  9. When the Sun Meets the Sky – Johnson, Steve Barber
  10. Pavilion
  11. Venus Reprise

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