On July 23, 1991.

On July 23, 1991, “Reprise” label released “Play”, the tenth Squeeze album. It was recorded in 1990, at “Wood Wharf Studios” in London, and was produced by Tony Berg.


  • Glenn Tilbrook – lead and backing vocals, guitars, keyboards
  • Chris Difford – guitar, backing vocals
  • Keith Wilkinson – bass, backing vocals
  • Gilson Lavis – drums
  • Tony Berg – keyboards, guitars
  • Bruce Hornsby – accordion
  • Matt Irving – keyboards
  • Steve Nieve – keyboards
  • Claudia Fontaine, Beverly Skeete, Laurence Johnson, Paul Lee – backing vocals
  • Betsy Petrie, Blanche Black, Christopher Guest, Gabriele Morgan, Mary Jo Braun, Michael McKean, Michael Penn, Steven Soles, Wendie Colter – choir
  • Jerry Hey, Bill Reichenbach, Dan Higgins, Gary Grant, Larry Williams – horns
  • Arme Garabedian, Berj Garabedian, Joel Derouin, John Acevedo, Larry Corbet, Bob Becker, Sid Page, Suzie Katayama – strings

Track listing:

All tracks by Chris Difford and Glenn Tilbrook.

  1. Satisfied
  2. Crying in My Sleep
  3. Letting Go
  4. The Day I Get Home
  5. The Truth
  6. House of Love
  7. Cupid’s Toy
  8. Gone to the Dogs
  9. Walk a Straight Line
  10. Sunday Street
  11. Wicked and Cruel
  12. There Is a Voice

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