Peter Michael Hamel: Arrow of Time / The Cycle of Time

On June 3, 1991, “Kuckuck Schallplatten” label released “Arrow of Time / The Cycle of Time”, the tenth Peter Michael Hamel album. It was recorded in May 1991, at the “Moyes Hall” of the “Slovak Philharmonic” in Bratislava, Slovakia, and was produced by Karol Kopernicky and Eckart Rahn.


  • Cappella Istropolitana – instruments
  • Daniela Ruso – harpsichord
  • Jaroslav Krček – conductor
  • Hubert Geschwandtner – engineer
  • Ulrich Kraus – mastering
  • Benno Hess – illustration
  • Fernando Lippa – illustration
  • Mario Markus – illustration
  • Wolf Huber – photography

Track listing:

All tracks by Peter Michael Hamel.

  1. The Arrow of Time: I. Andante
  2. The Arrow of Time: II. Agitato
  3. The Arrow of Time: III. Scherzo
  4. The Arrow of Time: IV. Andante
  5. The Arrow of Time: V. Allegro
  6. The Cycle of Time: I. Allegretto
  7. The Cycle of Time: II. Largo
  8. The Cycle of Time: III. Andante
  9. The Cycle of Time: IV. Vivace

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