Moly Hatchet: Warriors of the Rainbow Bridge

On May 24, 2005, “SPV” label released “Warriors of the Rainbow Bridge”, the eleventh Molly Hatchet studio album. It was recorded in 2004, at “Rockfarm Studio Claus Kramer” in Diemelsee, Germany, and was produced by Bobby Ingram.


  • Phil McCormack – lead vocals, harmonica
  • Bobby Ingram – electric and acoustic guitar, backing vocals, editor
  • Dave Hlubek – guitars, backing vocals
  • John Galvin – keyboards, piano, programming
  • Tim Lindsey – bass, backing vocals
  • Shawn Beamer – drums, percussion
  • Rich DelFalvo – keyboards, piano
  • Nikolo Kotzev – engineer, mixing
  • Rainer Hänsel – mixing

Track listing:

All tracks by Bobby Ingram and Phil McCormack, except where noted.

  1. Son of the South
  2. Moonlight Dancin’ on the Bayou
  3. I’m Ready for You
  4. Roadhouse Boogie
  5. Time Keeps Slipping Away – John Galvin, Bobby Ingram, Phil McCormack
  6. Get in the Game
  7. Flames Are Burning
  8. Hell Has No Fury
  9. Gone in Sixty Seconds
  10. Behind the Bedroom Door – John Galvin, Bobby Ingram, Phil McCormack
  11. No Stranger in the Darkness
  12. Rainbow Bridge

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