Marmaduke Duke: The Magnificent Duke

On April 14, 2005, “Captains of Industry” label released “The Magnificent Duke” the debut Marmaduke Duke studio album.


  • Simon Neil – vocals, guitars, piano
  • JP Reid (John Paul Reid) -vocals, guitars

Track listing:

All tracks by Simon Neil and JP Reid.

  1. The Red and the Number
  2. An Egyptian and an Imposter
  3. Fridge and Fromage
  4. The Kill and the Knife
  5. A Fox and a Cake
  6. Piggery and Peccary
  7. The Kiss and the Consonant
  8. An Imposter and a Magician
  9. Paul and Alexander
  10. The False and the Cinematic
  11. Coast and Guard
  12. The Human and the Jigsaw
  13. A Conspiracy and a Devil
  14. Village and Minotaur
  15. The Beaver and the Rabbit
  16. A Curse and Coyote
  17. Blunder and Haggis

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