Black Angels: Passover

On April 11, 2006, “Light in the Attic Records” label released “Passover” the debut Black Angels album. It was recorded in 2005, at “Cacophony Recorders”, “Wire Recording”, and “Shh! Recording Studios” in Austin, Texas, and was produced by Erik Wofford, Ross Ingram, Christian Bland, Nate Ryan, Alex Maas and Stephanie Bailey.


  • Christian Bland – vocals, guitar, bass
  • Nate Ryan – bass, guitar
  • Alex Maas – vocals, bass
  • Stephanie Bailey – drums, percussion
  • Jennifer Raines – drone machine
  • Erik Wofford – recording, mixing
  • Ross Ingram – recording, mixing
  • Dave Cooley – mastering
  • Christian Bland – design
  • Brian Jones – design

Track listing:

  1. Young Men Dead
  2. The First Vietnamese War
  3. Sniper at the Gates of Heaven
  4. The Prodigal Sun
  5. Black Grease
  6. Manipulation
  7. Empire
  8. Better Off Alone
  9. Bloodhounds on My Trail
  10. Call to Arms

The track “Call to Arms” ends at minute 10:42. After 3 minutes and 30 seconds of silence (10:42 – 14:12), begins a hidden song, a cover of Jimmy Cliff’s track “Vietnam”.


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