Little River Band: Diamantina Cocktail

On April 8, 1977, “EMI” and “Capitol” labels released “Diamantina Cocktail” the third Little River Band album. It was recorded in 1976 and was produced by John Boylan, Glenn Shorrock, Graham Goble, Beeb Birtles, David Briggs, George McArdle and Derek Pellicci.


  • Glenn Shorrock – lead vocals, piano
  • Graham Goble – vocals, guitars
  • Beeb Birtles – vocals, guitars
  • David Briggs – guitars
  • George McArdle – bass guitar
  • Derek Pellicci – drums, percussion
  • Roger McLachlan – bass
  • Eddy Denton – cor anglais
  • Peter Sullivan – piano
  • Ian Mason – piano
  • Tony Buchanan – saxophones
  • Graeme Lyall – flute

Track listing:

  1. Help Is on Its Way – Glenn Shorrock
  2. The Drifter – Graham Goble
  3. L.A. in the Sunshine – David Briggs, Glenn Shorrock
  4. The Inner Light – Graham Goble
  5. Witchery – Beeb Birtles
  6. Home on Monday – Beeb Birtles, Glenn Shorrock
  7. Happy Anniversary – Beeb Birtles, David Briggs
  8. Raelene, Raelene – Beeb Birtles
  9. Changed and Different – Graham Goble

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