On January 31, 2006.

On January 31, 2006, “Inside Out” label released “A Place in the Queue”, the third Tangent studio album. It was recorded August – October 2005, and was produced by Andy Tillison.


  • Andy Tillison – vocals, piano, guitars
  • Sam Baine – vocals, piano, synthesizer
  • Jonas Reingold – bass guitar
  • Theo Travis – saxophone, flute, clarinet
  • Guy Manning – acoustic guitar, mandolin
  • Jaime Salazar – drums
  • Krister Jonsson – electric guitar
  • Dan Watts – electric guitar
  • Ed Unitsky – artwork

Track listing:

All tracks by Andy Tillison, except where noted.

  1. In Earnest
  • The Radio Amateur
  • II. Worthy of Memory (Part I)
  • III. Demobilized
  • IV. Dehumanized
  • V. Flights of Fancy
  • VI. Worthy of Memory (Part II)
  • VII. The Silent Key
  • VIII. Earnest Dreams of 617
  • IX. Some Crazy Old Guy
  • X. In Earnest

2. Lost in London – Guy Manning, Andy Tillson

3. DIY Surgery – Stephen C. Middleton, Theo Travis

4. GPS Culture

5. Follow Your Leaders

6. The Sun in My Eyes

7. A Place in the Queue – Andy Tillson, Theo Travis

  • I. Silent Scream
  • II. Two for the Queue (Part I)
  • III. Shaping the Line
  • IV. Hierarchies
  • V. The Escher Staircase
  • VI. An ‘elping Hand
  • VII. Two for the Queue (Part II)
  • VIII. The Escher Staircase (Reprise)

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