On January 30, 2001.

On January 30, 2001, “Cooking Vinyl” and “What Are Records?” label released “Dog in the Sand”, the third Frank Black studio album. It was recorded March – April 2000, at “Sound City Studios” in Los Angeles, and was produced by Nick Vincent.


  • Frank Black – vocals, acoustic guitar, guitar
  • Eric Drew Feldman – vocals, electric piano, piano, clavioline
  • Rich Gilbert – vocals, guitar, pedal steel guitar, dobro
  • David McCaffery – vocals, bass
  • Scott Boutier – drums
  • Dave Phillips – vocals, acoustic guitar, guitar, pedal steel guitar, slide guitar 
  • Joey Santiago – guitar
  • Moris Tepper – vocals, banjo, bihuela
  • Nick Vincent – percussion
  • Billy Joe Bowers – recording engineer
  • Mike Terry – assistant engineer
  • Eddy Schreyer – mastering
  • Andrew Swainson – cover design
  • Steve Gullick – photography

Track listing:

All tracks by Frank Black.

  1. Blast Off
  2. I’ve Seen Your Picture
  3. St. Francis Dam Disaster
  4. Robert Onion
  5. Stupid Me
  6. Bullet
  7. The Swimmer
  8. Hermaphroditos
  9. I’ll Be Blue
  10. Llano del Rio
  11. If It Takes All Night
  12. Dog in the Sand

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