On January 27, 1986.

On January 27, 1986, “Virgin” label released “Album”, the fifth Public Image Ltd. album. It was recorded in 1985, at “Electric Lady Studios”, “The Power Station”, “Quadrasonic Sound Studios”, and “RPM Sound Studios” in  New York City, and was produced by Bill Laswell.


  • John Lydon – lead vocals
  • Bill Laswell – bass 
  • Steve Vai – guitar
  • Nicky Skopelitis – guitar 
  • Ryuichi Sakamoto – Fairlight CMI
  • Bernie Worrell – organ, Yamaha DX7 
  • Malachi Favors – acoustic bass
  • Jonas Hellborg – bass
  • Ginger Baker – drums 
  • Tony Williams – drums 
  • Bernard Fowler – backing vocals
  • Shankar – electric violin
  • Steve Turre – didgeridoo
  • Aïyb Dieng – chatan pot drums

Track listing:

All tracks by John Lydon and Bill Laswell except where noted.

  1. F.F.F.
  2. Rise
  3. Fishing – John Lydon, Jebin Bruni, Mark Schulz
  4. Round – John Lydon, Mark Schulz
  5. Bags – John Lydon, Jebin Bruni, Mark Schulz
  6. Home
  7. Ease – John Lydon, Jebin Bruni

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