on January 12, 1993.

On January 12, 1993, “Bagi Music” label (later Bagi Communications) released “Intro”, the debut Last Expedition album. It was recorded in December 1992, at “Mozart” studio in Kavadarci, Macedonia, and was produced by Bojan Ugrinovski.


  • Enis Hadžić Enko – vocals, bass, arrangements
  • Sead Hadžić Secko – vocals, guitar, arrangements
  • Ognen Mangarovski – guitar, arrangements
  • Dimitar Petrov Dime – drums, arrangements
  • Kostadin Kamcev – recording engineer

Track listing:

All music by Enis Hadžić, Sead Hadžić, Ognen Mangarovski, and Dimitar Petrov, all lyrics Džabir Derala, except where noted.

  1. Bez mene
  2. Maršira propasta
  3. Krvavi kukli
  4. Moeto ego
  5. Daleku si
  6. Kabala – Bobi Badarevski
  7. Pesna za pesot
  8. Jas ne sum tvoj – Dimitar Petrov
  9. Begstvo
  10. Zaminuvaš

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