On December 9, 1993.

On December 9, 1993, “Landspeed” label released “Pop Smear”, the debut Verve Pipe studio album. It was recorded in 1993, at “Station C Studios” in Grand Rapids, MI, and was produced by Jon Frazer, A.J. Dunning, Donny Brown, and Brian Vander Ark.


  • Brian Vander Ark – lead vocals, electric guitar, rbass, percussion, art direction, arranger
  • A.J. Dunning – vocals, lead, acoustic and slide guitar, keyboards, mandolin, arranger
  • Donny Brown – vocals, drums, arranger
  • Brad Vander Ark – acoustic guitar
  • Randy Sly- keyboards
  • Donny Brown, Doug Corella – percussion
  • Leslie E. Rose – violin
  • Albin Rose – viola
  • Kathryn Dykema – cello
  • Mark Byerly – trumpet
  • Robert Engelsman – trombone
  • Patty Brower – art direction
  • Jon Frazer – engineer, mixing, photography
  • John Bruey – engineer
  • Fred Baker – editing, sequencing

Track listing:

All tracks by Brian Vander Ark, except where noted.

  1. Pretty for You
  2. Spoonful of Sugar – Brian Vander Ark, Sid Herring
  3. Victoria
  4. Honest – Brian Vander Ark, Donny Brown
  5. The River
  6. Sleepy Town
  7. Bullies on Vacation
  8. What You Wanted
  9. Wanna Be – Brian Vander Ark, Donny Brown
  10. Out Like a Lamb
  11. Senator Speak
  12. Is It Worth It? – Donny Brown

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