Tuxedo Moon: Vapour Trails

On November 26, 2007, “Cramboy” label released “Vapour Trails”, the eleventh Tuxedomoon studio album. It was recorded in 2007, at “Sweetohm Studio” in Athens, Greece, and was produced by Steven Brown, Peter Dachert, Luc van Lieshout, and Blaine L. Reinger.


  • Steven Brown – vocals, saxophone, clarinet, keyboards, piano, organ
  • Peter Dachert (as Peter Principle) – bass guitar, electric guitar, backing vocals, mixing
  • Luc Van Lieshout – trumpet, flugelhorn, harmonica
  • Blaine L. Reininger – vocals, violin, viola, guitar, keyboards
  • Nikos Papavranousis – drums
  • Christos Lainas – engineering
  • Lambros Syfris – engineering
  • Coti – mixing
  • Vincent Kenis – mastering
  • Alan Ward – mastering
  • Jonathan Barnbrook – design

Track listing:

All tracks by Steven Brown, Peter Dachert, Luc Van Lieshout and Blaine L. Reininger.

  1. Muchos Colores
  2. Still Small Voice
  3. Kubrick
  4. Big Olive
  5. Dark Temple
  6. Dizzy
  7. Epso Meth lama
  8. Wading Into Love

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