On September 27, 1999.

On September 27, 1999, “Voiceprint Records” label released “Mulher na Montanha”, the third Violeta de Outono studio album. It was recorded 1995 – 1999 and was produced by Fabio Golfetti, Cláudio Souza, and Angelo Pastorello.


  • Fabio Golfetti– vocals, guitar
  • Cláudio Souza – drums
  • Angelo Pastorello – bass

Track listing:

All tracks by Fabio Golfetti, Cláudio Souza and Angelo Pastorello.

  1. Mulher na Montanha
  2. Lino de Vidro
  3. Outro Lado
  4. Total Silêncio
  5. Lágrimas do Dragão
  6. Creme Gelado, Desculpe
  7. Espelhos Planos
  8. Duna
  9. Flutuando
  10. Sonho
  11. Terra Distante
  12. Ilusão

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