On September 26, 1995.

On September 26, 1995, “Harmolodic” and “Verve” label released “Tone Dialing” the 45th Ornette Coleman (with Prime Time ensemble) album. It was recorded in 1995 and was produced by Denardo Coleman.


  • Ornette Coleman- alto saxophone, trumpet, violin
  • Avenda Khadija, Moishe Nalm – vocals
  • Dave Bryant – keyboards
  • Chris Rosenberg, Ken Wessel – guitar
  • Bradley Jones, Al MacDowell – bass
  • Chris Walker- bass, keyboards
  • Denardo Coleman- drums
  • Badal Roy- tabla, percussion

Track listing:

All tracks by Ornette Coleman except where noted.

  1. Street Blues
  2. Search for Life
  3. Guadalupe
  4. Bach Prelude – Johann Sebastian Bach
  5. Sound Is Everywhere
  6. Miguel’s Fortune
  7. La Capella
  8. A.C.
  9. If I Knew as Much About You (As You Know About Me)
  10. When Will I See You Again
  11. Kathelin Gray – Ornette Coleman, Pat Metheny
  12. Badal
  13. Tone Dialing
  14. Family Reunion
  15. Local Instinct
  16. Ying Yang

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