On September 8, 2014.

On September 8, 2014, “Anthem Entertainment” label released “The Ocean at the End”, the eight Tea Party studio album. It was recorded in 2014 and was produced by Jeff Martin.


  • Jeff Burrows- drums, percussion, backing vocals
  • Stuart Chatwood- bass, keyboards, harmonium, mandolin, acoustic guitar, backing vocals
  • Jeff Martin– lead vocals, guitar, acoustic guitar, Therevox, esraj, oud, bowed guitar
  • Ian Anderson- flute
  • Aline Morales, Maninho Costa, Riquinho Fernandes – Brazilian percussion
  • Jamie Ashforth – harmonica
  • Jeff & the Craibettes – backing vocals
  • Lucky Oceans- pedal steel

Track listing:

All tracks by Jeff Burrows, Stuart Chatwood, and Jeff Martin, except where noted.

  1. The L.O.C.
  2. The Black Sea
  3. Cypher
  4. The Maker – Daniel Lanois
  5. Black Roses
  6. Brazil
  7. The 11th Hour
  8. Submission
  9. The Cass Corridor
  10. Water’s on Fire
  11. The Ocean at the End
  12. Into the Unknown (hidden track)

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