On September 8, 1978.

On September 8, 1978, “Swan Song” label released “Tracks on Wax 4”, the fourth Dave Edmunds album. It was recorded in March 1978, at “Eden Studios” in London, and was produced by Dave Edmunds.


  • Dave Edmunds– guitar, piano, vocals
  • Billy Bremner– guitar
  • Terry Williams– drums
  • Nick Lowe– bass
  • Gerry Hogan – pedal steel guitar
  • Pete Kelly – piano

Track listing:

  1. Trouble Boys – Billy Murray
  2. Never Been in Love – Nick Lowe, Rockpile
  3. Not a Woman, Not a Child – Billy Murray, Ray Peters
  4. Television – Nick Lowe
  5. What Looks Best on You – Nick Lowe, Dave Edmunds
  6. Readers Wives – Noel Brown
  7. Deborah – Nick Lowe, Dave Edmunds
  8. Thread Your Needle – Brenda Lee Jones, Welton Young
  9. 1. On the Jukebox – Dave Edmunds, Will Birch
  10. It’s My Own Business – Chuck Berry
  11. Heart of the City – Nick Lowe

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