On September 2, 2003.

On September 2, 2003, “Jagjaguwar” label released “Down the River of Golden Dreams”, the second Okkervil River studio album. It was recorded in 2003 at “Tiny Telephone”, “OTR”, “15th Street” in San Francisco, and was produced by Will Sheff, Jonathan Meiburg, Zachary Thomas, Seth Warren, Michi AceretGeoffrey Hershberger, Thomas Heyman – Pedal steel guitar, Alan Molina, and John Vanderslice.


  • Will Sheff- vocals, guitar, whirlies
  • Jonathan Meiburg- vocals, piano, Hammond organ, Wurlitzer, Rhodes, mellotron, banjo, tambourine
  • Zachary Thomas – vocals, electric bass, mandolin
  • Seth Warren – vocals, drums, whirlies
  • Michi Aceret – viola
  • Geoffrey Hershberger – cello
  • Thomas Heyman – pedal steel guitar
  • Alan Molina – violin
  • John Vanderslice – bells

The First National Brass

  • Katie Curran – trombone
  • Dan Eastwood – trumpet
  • Graham Taylor – trumpet
  • Scott Solter- recording
  • Billy Stull – mastering
  • William Schaff – cover art
  • Darius Van Arman – layout, design

Track listing:

  1. Down the River of Golden Dreams
  2. It Ends with a Fall
  3. For the Enemy
  4. Blanket and Crib
  5. The War Criminal Rises and Speaks
  6. The Velocity of Saul at the Time of His Conversion
  7. Dead Faces
  8. Maine Island Lovers
  9. Song About a Star
  10. Yellow
  11. Seas Too Far to Reach

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