On August 25, 1998.

On August 25, 1998, “Virgin” label released “Gentleman’s Blues” the fourth Cracker studio album. It was recorded in 1998 and was produced by Don Smith.


  • David Lowery– vocals, guitar
  • Johnny Hickman– vocals, lead guitar
  • Bob Rupe– vocals, bass
  • Frank Funaro– drums

Track listing:

All tracks by David Lowery, except where noted.

  1. Good Life – David Lowery, Johnny Hickman
  2. Seven Days – David Lowery, Johnny Hickman
  3. Star – David Lowery, Johnny Hickman
  4. James River
  5. My Life Is Totally Boring Without You – David Lowery, Johnny Hickman, Bob Rupe
  6. Been Around the World
  7. The World Is Mine – David Lowery, Johnny Hickman
  8. Lullabye
  9. Waiting for You Girl – David Lowery, Johnny Hickman
  10. Trials & Tribulations – Johnny Hickman
  11. Wild One – David Lowery, Johnny Hickman, Bob Rupe
  12. Hold of Myself – Johnny Hickman
  13. Gentleman’s Blues – David Lowery, Johnny Hickman
  14. I Want Out of the Circus
  15. Wedding Day – Johnny Hickman
  16. Hallelujah

Tracks after “Hallelujah” are all hidden tracks.

  1. [Silence]
  2. 1-202-456-141 (the touch-tone phone number for the White House)
  3. [Silence]
  4. 1-202-514-8688 (a U.S. Department of Justice phone number, formerly held by Ken Starr)
  5. [Silence]
  6. 1-310-289-4459 (presently, the phone number for Beverly Hills psychotherapist Julia Kantor)
  7. [Silence]
  8. Cinderella – David Lowery

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