On August 25, 1998.

On August 25, 1998, “Creation Records” label released “The Last Dog and Pony Show”, the fourth Bob Mould album. It was recorded in 1998 and was produced by Bob Mould.


  • Bob Mould – vocals, guitar, bass, keyboards, programming, sampling
  • Matt Hammon – drums
  • Alison Chesley- cello
  • Jim Wilson – engineer, sampling
  • Howie Weinberg – mastering

Track listing:

All tracks by Bob Mould

  1. New #1
  2. Moving Trucks
  3. Taking Everything
  4. First Drag of the Day
  5. Classifieds
  6. Who Was Around?
  7. Skintrade
  8. Vaporub
  9. Sweet Serene
  10. Megamanic
  11. Reflecting Pool
  12. Along the Way

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