In August 1977.

In August 1977, “Blue Note” label released “Cosmos”, the eleventh McCoy Tyner album. It was recorded in November 1968, April 1969 and July 1970, and was produced by Duke Pearson.


  • McCoy Tyner- piano
  • Herbie Lewis- bass
  • Freddie Waits- drums, timpani, chimes
  • Harold Vick- soprano saxophone
  • Al Gibbons- reeds
  • Julian Barber- violin
  • Emanuel Green- violin
  • Gene Orloff- viola
  • Kermit Moore- cello, director
  • Hubert Laws- flute, alto flute
  • Gary Bartz- alto saxophone, soprano saxophone
  • Andrew White- oboe

Track listing:

All tracks by McCoy Tyner.

  1. Song for My Lady
  2. Cosmos
  3. Shaken, But Not Forsaken
  4. Vibration Blues
  5. Forbidden Land
  6. Planet X
  7. Asian Lullaby
  8. Hope


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