On August 11, 1999.

On August 11, 1999, “Polydor” label released “Golden Greats”, the second Ian Brown album. It was recorded in 1999 and was produced by Ian Brown.


  • Ian Brown – vocals, keyboards, drums, arrangements
  • Aziz Ibrahim- guitar
  • Tim Wills – electric guitar, piano
  • Sylvan Richardson- electric guitar, bass guitar, keyboards, cello
  • Carlos Hernán “Carca” Carcacha – guitar
  • Dave McCracken- keyboards, programming
  • Aniff Akinola – keyboards, drums
  • Simon Wolstencroft- drums
  • Dan Bierton – drums
  • Diego Castellano – drums
  • Inder “Goldfinger” Matharu – percussion
  • Audrey Riley- cello
  • Uma-T – harmonica
  • DJ Peggyn – sound Fx
  • Ian Wright – cover portrait

Track listing:

  1. Gettin’ High – Ian Brown, Aziz Ibrahim (includes an excerpt of “Morrassi” performed by Aziz Ibrahim)
  2. Love Like a Fountain – Ian Brown
  3. Free My Way – Ian Brown
  4. Set My Baby Free – Ian Brown, Aniff Akinola
  5. So Many Soldiers – Ian Brown, Dave McCracken, Tim Wills
  6. Golden Gaze – Ian Brown, Simon Wolstencroft, Mike Bennett, Dave McCracken, Tim Wills
  7. Dolphins Were Monkeys – Ian Brown, Dave McCracken, Tim Wills
  8. Neptune – Ian Brown, Sylvan Richardson
  9. First World – Ian Brown, Aziz Ibrahim
  10. Babasónicos – Ian Brown, Diego Tuñon, Walter Kebleris

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