On April 28, 2017.

On April 28, 2017, “Play It Again Sam” label released “Visuals”, the seventh Mew studio album. It was recorded in 2016, and was produced by Jonas Bjerre, Johan Wohlert and Silas Utke Graae Jørgensen.


  • Jonas Bjerre– vocals, keyboards, guitar
  • Johan Wohlert– bass, backing vocals, guitar
  • Silas Utke Graae Jørgensen – drums, percussion
  • Mads Wegner – additional guitar
  • Marius Neset– saxophone
  • Bo Rande – trumpet, flugelhorn
  • Sasha Ryabina – backing vocals

Track listing:

  1. Nothingness and No Regrets
  2. The Wake of Your Life
  3. Candy Pieces All Smeared Out
  4. In a Better Place
  5. Ay Ay Ay
  6. Learn Our Crystals
  7. Twist Quest
  8. Shoulders
  9. 85 Videos
  10. Zanzibar
  11. Carry Me to Safety

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